Terminal trainer

    Job description: 
1. the perfect training system, develop short-medium-and long-term training strategy plan; 
2. is responsible for the collection of ceramic industry training information, analyze and summarize the existing training policy, improve the training system; 
3. development of training courses and the preparation of training materials; 
4. development of guide star rating programme, and is responsible for tracking implementation;

Terminal 1, brand building materials industry training for more than 3 years working experience; 
2, can develop training curriculum, organization and training 
3, good shops, ceramic products, terminal management training 
4, working hard, and be willing to travel long term.



    Job description: 
1. the materials specifications, familiar with the material standard and the requirements of the purchase order, the delivery is controlled. 
2. updating the list of qualified suppliers of materials and related information. 
3. consistent with the Department of PMC would raw material procurement is in place to ensure smooth production. And delivery of material information feedback daily. 
4. tracking MRB implementation of Conference resolution, actively tracking supplier quality improvement, suppliers will respond to feedback in a timely manner the results of the quality control Department. 
5. tracking outward processing products warehouse and following up the rest the stock 
6. follow up the relevant departments to confirm the results of the samples and suppliers back in the day. 
7. follow the buyer's daily schedule, and check our daily cleaning work. 
8. assist buyer to do the reconciliation work. 
9. obey the other tasks assigned by their superiors.

1. to have a C1 driving licence, understands the drive stick! 
2. this position only for women 
3. work place: Imperial Tan Nan village industrial zone,

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