Pit building materials rooted in North America

    In 2014, the unprecedented attention in China's ceramic industry international markets. Will broaden the perspective to the global market, no doubt each brand enterprises embody the height of. So here's the thing, in addition to the horizons of focus, brand-oriented enterprise to be rooted in foreign markets, and what to do? On December 12, ceramic tile, President of North American Jules (Jules  Miller) period in Foshan, accepted the taocheng newspaper reporter in an interview. In the interview, Jules released to reporters "will take root in North America."

    Interview with Jules said: "at first, moved his international vision and creativity are the main causes."

    In the process of opening up foreign markets, products and visibility of technology, tend to be higher than the marketing strength. And product strength is that Jules had the most confidence in. "Historically, in terms of quality, independence, diversification of products, design innovation, solutions, leadership, maintained a clear advantage. It is worth mentioning that, in 2009, the first global 2CM tiles, very different, with the latest technology the perfect products to perfection, very well in global markets, especially the European market. "Jules evaluation: tile's sales in North America will open a larger space, created more opportunities, in addition to compete with ceramic tile, and cement products compete, stone and so on.

    The excellence of the product without the talented team behind the drive. Different from other Chinese companies, founded on European investments, has a dedicated local team responsible for the operation of the European market. Jules: "pool of North America there is not only excellent marketing talents, and top design talent. "In the ceramic industry for more than 30 years of hard work, Jules can accurately analyze and control product trends, and economic trends, planning for North America business strategy. According to Jules introduces, in the past two years, United States overall economic trend is upward. "The market is more optimistic, retail, hotels, restaurants, slowly coming back to life, it also has a positive effect on the building materials industry. "

    Based on the above mentioned advantages, Jules believes that North America will achieve fission growth in a very short period of time.

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